October 31, 2021

It is a fact that choosing a perfume is a great and unique personal adventure. You must have heard that a picture can describe a lot of things. Just like that, a person’s signature scent or perfume can say many things about who is he or she. This is the reason why most people choose perfume very carefully. If you are in the process of smelling and spraying different perfumes to get the best one - for you or for your partner, then you know there are many options to choose from.

Remember that every people have a unique taste in terms of fragrance. But do you know, based on the type of perfume you are using, what can you say about your unique personality? If you don’t know much about it, then keep reading to explore more. Here you will get to know about different types of scents and how those scents link to dominant personality traits. Be it for your mother, for yourself, for your best friend, or for your partner, you can find the right scent by going through this article.

Should you always trust your nose?

As per a well-known taste and smell researcher, Alan R. Hirsch, some fragrances or scents can be a great indicator of someone’s personality. To understand this concept, you need to know about the wheel of the fragrance created by Michael Edwards. By checking the wheel, you can know what your perfume preference talks about you. As per the fragrance wheel of Edwards, it talks about four major families of fragrance. These are Woody, Fresh, Oriental, and Floral. No matter that type of fragrance your nose attracts towards, these four scents will be the base of all.

What does your perfume choice say about you?

Your fragrance is an excellent indication of your personality. A person’s reasons for being getting attracted to particular perfumes can show many important character traits. Earlier, perfumes were used to mask the odour of the body. However, now you can get deodorant for that. No matter what, using the right type of fragrance or perfume has become a way of self-expression. Both women and men are now choosing their perfumes based on their personal preference, and you may feel naked without using perfume. Do you want to know what your scent preference can talk about you? Well, let’s discuss this in detail.

Oriental scents

If you are a person who loves musky, warm, and spicy notes in the fragrance, then you will be drawn towards oriental-type perfumes. Remember that the contemporary oriental fragrance will be different from the traditional options, but you can witness the same bold scent. If you love to use such perfumes, then you are likely to be something naturally sexy, night owl, and you will not be afraid to show your sensuality. You would always prefer to use your perfume as your weapon.


Do you love aquatic perfumes with a combination of salty and marine? Aquatic scents that combine the characteristics of windswept coastlines or evocative seawater are ideal for you. Those who always use such fragrances are considered cool, casual, and free-spirited. Besides, they are very intellectual and elegant in nature. Those persons are spontaneous, and they generally prefer to move with the flow naturally. What’s more? They are energetic, fit, and love the water.


Are you a fan ofa scent that smells so good enough to eat? Gourmand scents are filled with different delicious flavours, for example, chocolate, honey, almond, and more. Such sensuous fragrances can easily create a rumble in everyone’s stomach. Girls who are gorgeous, bubbly, and cheeky who don’t like to stay in a serious mood always choose gourmand scents. If you are buying perfume for such a girl, then choosing flavour full perfume will be the best option for you.

Floral perfumes

If lily, gardenia, or jasmine are the smell you look at in perfume while buying, then floral perfumes are for you. People who love such scents are loveable, friendly, and feminine, and they also prefer to spend time outdoors. These persons are down-to-earth and pose a carefree nature. So, what are you waiting for? Now you understand the characteristics, get a perfect floral perfume, and impress her.


People who love fruity scents are funny in nature, and they always like to enjoy their lives. They love bright prints, love colours, they love to experiments with bold and keep their live colourful. If it sounds like you, then you are now a member of the niche fragrance family. It says you are energetic, bouncy and people love to spend time with you.

So, next time when you are buying a new perfume, consider the ingredients that trigger your mood or nose. Use the right one and show off your unique personality to others.


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