July 22, 2021

Who doesn't know Ariana Grande, but did you know about her popular fragrance collection? If we have to describe Ariana's perfume, it has to be bold, sassy, and definitely quirky. Basically, her perfume collection is reminiscent of her persona. 


If we talk about the launch of her perfumes, it all started in 2015, and her perfume collection has grown ever since. Moreover, these fragrances are the perfect gift for girls who are as stunning as Ariana and want to stand out.


This American actress/singer has impressed millions with her charismatic voice and relatable lyrics. If you need a touch of inspiration, learn from Ariana's journey.


Now, let's get to know about Ariana Grande perfumes and which one to go for. Certainly, you will like to know about all of them. So, let's get started.







Ari by Ariana Grande Perfume

Firstly, Ari by Ariana Grande was released in 2015. It consists of sweet fruits and a bright citrus aroma. Secondly, it comes in a beautiful crystal-like bottle. Finally, it stands out as one of the best feminine and sexy fragrances.


The moment you spray it, you will get the hint of a fresh grapefruit aroma. Eventually, it will take you to an out-of-the-world scent of vanilla orchid, rose, and lily blooms. Finally, you get to experience a sweet marshmallow and a base of musk. Ari Ariana Grande's perfume is one of a kind.


Ari by Ariana Grande Perfume- When to Wear?


Ari by Ariana Grande perfume is perfect for everyday wear. You can wear it to any occasion. However, it is more like a day-perfume than a night-perfume.


Ari Ariana Grande perfume- Longevity

After applying the perfume, it will easily last for at least three hours. Additionally, after wearing it, it will leave behind moderate silage.


Ari by Ariana Grande- The Packaging

The perfume comes in a clear glass bottle. It has pyramid edges, which makes the pink fragrance inside look mesmerizing.


To sum up, we love Ari by Ariana Grande. It's sophisticated, mild, feminine, and so youthful. What can you ask more from a daytime perfume, right! So, go for it if you like fruity and sweet aromas that offer a hint of soft flowers.







Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume

Just one look at Ariana Grande's cloud perfume, and you will immediately be transported to a happy world. The feel-good notes paired perfectly with coconut is what Ariana Grande's cloud perfume is like.


To sum up, the first notes will be of bright lavender and soft pear. But soon it will be sharpened by zesty bergamot. Moreover, its fragrance is unique. The marriage of coconut and vanilla orchid makes this perfume stand out from the rest.


Also, the base notes are musky, which gives a much-needed luxurious touch.


Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume Set- When to Wear?

Ariana Grande cloud perfume is best suitable for daytime. This is because it has the feel-good notes that make it a daytime perfume. But simultaneously, this perfume is ideal for every season! Just spray some and make heads turn!


Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum- Longevity

When it comes to its longevity, you can expect the scent to last for up to four hours. In addition, the final notes are of moderate silage.


Ariana Grande Cloud Perfume- The Packaging

Let's talk about the adorable packaging, shall we? The pretty glass bottle sits on a big white cloud, and the bottle has a hint of blue color. This bottle looks as cute as Ariana herself.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande Cloud Eau de Parfum is the perfect fragrance for ladies who like dreamy coconut and lavender scents. Moreover, this perfume is the true definition of carefree and fun!





Ariana Grande Moonlight Perfume

Moonlight perfume by Ariana is another one of her fragrance collections. It depicts confidence and energy. Ariana moonlight perfume has the perfect blend of vanilla coated in marshmallow, juicy blackcurrant, and plum. If it is juice, trust us, you won't mind drinking it. It smells delicious!


In addition, the first note will offer a sweet and fruity scent and will soon lead to the aroma of juicy plum and rich blackcurrant. Eventually, marshmallows and vanilla scents soon emerge. Finally, when it starts drying, you will get the fragrance of woody and warm amber notes.


Ariana Grande Moonlight eau de Parfum- When to Wear?

The best time to wear Moonlight will be during the cozy winter or autumn days. Moreover, this perfume goes well for both day and nightwear.


Ariana Grande Moonlight Perfume- Longevity

You can expect this perfume to last up to four hours. In addition, the mild fragrance lingers even beyond four hours.


Ariana Moonlight Perfume- Packaging

The perfume comes in a frosted glass bottle with ivory and pink hues. Also, it has sharp pyramid edges.


To sum up, Ariana Grande's Moonlight will make your heart flutter the moment you look at it. It looks delightful and cute. However, the fragrance projects a sexy, mysterious, and bold scent, and it's irresistible!


Ariana Grande Thank You Next Perfume

Ariana Grande's superhit song Thank You Next is all about her journey, and Thank You Next Perfume depicts that beautifully. Moreover, isn't life all about learning and moving on? So, if you can relate to her song, you will surely love this perfume.


The sweet coconut aroma of Ariana Grande, thank u next perfumewill make you fall in love with it instantly. Firstly, when you open the cap, you will get the fruity scent of delightful raspberry and pear. Then, this scent will soon transform into delicious sweet macaroon and coconut. Finally, you will get the musky base notes.


Ariana Grande Thank U Next Perfume- When to Wear?

This is the perfect spring and summer perfume. In addition, we recommend wearing it during the day, rather than the nighttime. Above all, if you need a confidence boost, Thank You Next Perfume is here to give you the much-needed boost.


Ariana Grande Thank You Next Perfume- Longevity

A perfume like this has to last long. It's a confidence booster, and if it doesn't last long, this perfume will turn out to be an utter failure. But that's where Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume surprise everyone because it lasts for up to five hours!


Ariana Grande Thank You Next Perfume- Packaging

Thank You Next comes in a sophisticated round glass bottle. It shows the pink hue fragrance inside. The pretty broken heart shape of this bottle will make you fall in love with it instantly. In addition, the outer packaging stands out too!


In short, Ariana Grande Thank You Next perfume is here to make heads turn. It will last longer, has the perfect crowd-pleasing scent, and let's accept it; the broken heart bottle is simply eye-catching!


Ariana Grande Perfume Sweet Like Candy

Ariana Grande Perfume Sweet Like Candy offers a flirty and sweet vanilla fragrance. In addition, you get the complex notes of smooth cashmere wood and juicy berries. If you are bold and sassy, Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum is the right choice for you!


Firstly, when you open the bottle, you will be hit by the fresh and bright pear, bergamot, and blackberry notes. Soon after that, you will get the scent of soft marshmallows. Finally, the fruity notes end with a delicious base of cashmere wood and vanilla.


Ariana Grande Sweet Like Candy Eau de Parfum- When to Wear?

The best time to wear this perfume is during the summer and spring seasons. The notes remind you of these seasons. In addition, you can wear it at night. Just spray it, wear it, and become a showstopper of a party!


Ariana Grande Perfume Sweet Like Candy- Longevity

It can easily last for up to five hours. Also, even after the perfume completely dries off, you will still get to smell the soft base of cashmere wood and vanilla.


Ariana Grande Perfume Sweet Like Candy- Packaging

When it comes to the packaging, the entire bottle is of baby pink color and has an adorable pink pompom. This bottle is the true reflection of femineity.


To sum up, Ariana Grande Perfume Sweet Like Candy perfume is one of a kind and simply divine. It reminds you that you are special. Moreover, since it has a flirty note, it becomes a perfect bedtime perfume as well!


Ariana Grande Frankie

Do you love fruity and sweet scents? If yes, here's Ariana Grande Frankie's perfume for you. And the best part is that it's a unisex perfume. So, whether you want to wear it or want your boyfriend to try it, everybody will love Ariana Grande Frankie.


Moreover, when you open the bottle, you get hit by the sweet and fruity notes, which soon lead to tender pear and delicious apricot fragrance. Finally, the base has lovely woody notes and a musky base.


Ariana Grande Frankie- When to Wear?

The best part about Ariana Grande Frankie is that you can wear it whenever you want and in any season you want. It's an evergreen perfume. So, if you wish to wear this perfume to go out with friends, to a nightclub, to a party, Sunday brunch, Ariana Grande Frankie won't let you down.


Ariana Grande Frankie- Longevity

You can expect this exotic perfume to last for up to four hours easily.


Ariana Grande Frankie- Packaging

The perfume comes in a gorgeous silver bottle topped with a black pompom. In addition, it features sharp pyramid edges.


In conclusion, Ariana Grande Frankie is one of the best perfumes for men and women who like mild fragrances. It has the perfect balance of woods, spices, and fruits.


Wrapping Up

These are the Ariana Grande perfumes that are ruling the perfume industry. Each fragrance is different, and that's what makes Ariana Grande's fragrances stand out from the rest! To sum up, Ariana's perfumes stand true to being sassy, daring, and bold!


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