December 02, 2020

Perfumes are the invisible pal who is loved by everyone. Every gender uses perfume, whether it is male or female. Some of us use it on a daily basis whereas others prefer it to use on a special occasion. But the importance remains the same.

New year's eve is the happiest and the craziest festive night and nobody wishes to miss this special event at any cost. Nothing seems better than gifting your partner a box of happiness and making them smile on the start of a new year. Especially when the year is 2020 about to leave and a New Year to welcome.

People give gifts to their loved ones and partners during this festive night. One of the best things that you can present to your partner on this festive night is a classy perfume.

There are many types of perfume available in the market today that are enough to grab attention. And here we will talk about the best perfumes to choose from considering you to present your partner and impress them with.


  1. Acqua Di Parma Colonia Gift Set 225ml EDC Spray 100ml / Bath & Shower Gel 75ml / Deodorant Spray 50ml

This festive gift set-tops in our list that can make your loved ones happy. This perfume gift set holds an aromatic citrus fragrance that both men and women can use. Also, it comes with a shower gel which has cleansing properties that will leave your skin nourished and in the fresh scent of Colonia.

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  1. Ghost Original Gift Set 6 Pieces for Women

If you want to impress your partner truly then this is the best gift set to give her. The gift set consists of an Eau De toilette spray, lavender-infused bath oil, gemstone soap, hand cream, eau de toilette splash, and a pouch.

All these six pieces of products come from the Ghost brand. The elegant beauty set comes with a floral fragrance that will make you fall in love with it.

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  1. Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave Gift Set For Women

This precious beauty ranks third in our list. This gift set contains an Eau de Toilette and a body lotion. The floral fragrance holds soothing fresh top notes of pineapple, bergamot, lotus blossom, melon, quince, black currant, water lily, citric notes whereas the middle notes have honey, jasmine, lotus, lily of the valley, may rose, water lily, and hawthorn. The bottom notes hold the perfect blend of amber, blackberry, raspberry, musk, peach, sandalwood, iris, vanilla, violet root and vetiver.

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  1. Carmen Electra Rrrr ! Gift Set 100ml EDP + 150ml Shower Gel + 150ml Body Lotion For Women

This elegant beauty holds the floral fragrance that has a perfect blend of fresh and aromatic notes. It will make the woman wearing it feel exotic, flirty and playful. This gift set also has a shower gel that helps in nourishing the skin and cleanse it. Besides that, the body lotion helps in locking the moisture in the body and helps in rejuvenating it.

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  1. Joop Wow! Gift Set For Women

Another perfect gift set to gift your partner this festive season is Joop Wow! Gift Set For Women. It discloses the feminine Fatale of every woman who wears it.

This perfect beauty has a mystic aroma that makes the woman feel luxurious, rich and sensational. It also leaves no chance to make one feel like a chic and seductive. This beautiful gift set gives a perfect hint of being dangerous and wild.

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  1. Acqua Di Parma Colonia Pura Gift Set

This festive gift set is perfect to gift your partner and make them feel your love and affection. It is long-lasting and has a contemporary citrus scent that leaves no chance to grab the attention of the people.

It is a watery cologne that makes a man feel stylish and fresh. It is perfect for the personality that never compromises and someone who radiates elegance.

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  1. Acqua Di Parma Colonia Sandalo Gift Set With Candle

This gift set is perfect to impress your man this festive season. The perfume holds the woody aromatic fragrance that makes one feel vibrant, alluring and fresh.

It also comes with a little glass candle that has a long-lasting smell that is very captivating. It makes one feel rich and luxurious.

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  1. Dolce & Gabbana K Gift Set For Men

Another perfect gift set that you can give your man this festive season is this Dolce & Gabbana K Gift set for men. The gift set celebrates the new era of masculinity and is a perfect blend of citrus freshness, blood orange and also Sicilian lemon. The products are of high quality and are long-lasting. Also, the aftershave balm is of great quality and suitable for all skin types.

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  1. Mont Blanc Emblem Absolu Gift Set For Men

This is another gift set that can bring a lot of happiness on your partner's face. It consists of an Eau de Toilette,  a shower gel and an easy on the go EDT that men can keep close whenever they need a touch-up.

It is a perfect blend of woodiness and spicy fragrance. The perfume holds the top notes of pear, mandarin and cardamom, whereas the middle notes have lavender, honey, pink pepper and fruits. The bottom notes have patchouli, vetiver and crystal moss.

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  1. Burberry Mr Burberry Gift Set 100ml EDT + 75g Deodorant Stick

Last but not the least, you can also impress your partner with this gift set from Burberry. This aromatic Fougere has a long-lasting fragrance. The sophisticated and sensual fragrance leaves no chance to make one fall in love with it. The product is of great quality and makes one feel attractive.

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In conclusion, buying a perfume is not an easy task especially when you are presenting it to the one you care about. Know the personality and choose the perfume accordingly.

Feel free to ask for recommendations from friends and families. Therefore the products that have been mentioned above are all affordable, unique and perfect. 

So don't miss a second to purchase them now and bring happiness to your loved one's, a tiny gift can turn them on especially when it is the big event. Welcome 2021 with the wonderful gift you choose to surprise your partner.


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