September 10, 2020

It is every girl’s dream to have all the makeup that celebrities have and to look no less than them. Makeup helps to bring the best in one's self and helps one to boost her self confidence. The use of cosmetics has been existing for centuries.

There are so many makeup products available in the market that one has ever heard of or one can ever imagine. If you are a newcomer in the world of makeup and want to know about the type of makeup product that every girl has or should have, then you are exactly at the correct place.

Today we will discuss the types of makeup products that you should have in your beauty box to bring the best in you. Let's have a look


  • Primer

The first makeup product that you should have in your beauty box is the Primer. A primer is used to make sure that all the makeup products applied on the face stay for a longer period of time. It also helps to maintain a protective barrier between your skin and the makeup.


  • Concealer

As the name suggests the concealer is used to conceal and hide the imperfections that your skin has. No matter if it is a blemish or freckles or any dark spot, the concealer works well to hide them all. It ensures a spotless and a radiant look after the makeup is done. It helps you to get a smooth, light and even skin.


  • Foundation

 Then comes the foundation. It helps to provide you with an even skin tone and comes in liquid as well as powder form. You should buy a foundation according to your skin tone in order to get a great look. You should also buy the product according to your skin type.


  • Face powder or Compact

This product is applied right after you apply the foundation on your face. The compact is basically a face powder and its main purpose is to help the foundation to set in. Using a face powder or a compact will give a matte finish to the look.


  • Cheek colour or blusher

Cheek colour is optional because most of the women do not like to use blusher. It is used to emphasise the cheekbones. Many women do not use it as it depends on their facial features. If you are one of them who do not apply blush then we suggest you to just go for a single swipe and to give yourself a touch of colour.


  • Eye makeup

This is the best part which I personally like about makeup. Eye makeup consists of products like mascara,eyeliner, kajal,eye shadow,eyelashes and many more.  Eye makeup can change the whole look no matter if you want light makeup or a heavy makeup for any kind of occasion.


  • Lip colour

You can choose from a wide range of lipsticks to lip glosses. A lipstick completes the whole makeup. It draws attention to the lips and lips are considered to be the most sensual part of one’s body. You can also choose from a wide range of lip liners available in the market.  Women wear lipstick in order to feel better about their appearance and enhance their confidence.

In conclusion, we hope you loved the above information and it has helped you to know what type of products you should have in your beauty box. So when you step out of the house to buy the makeup products do not forget to buy these. Also do not forget to check the reviews of the products before buying them. Thank you.


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