January 27, 2021

14th February is the day of love! On this day couples from every part of the world and belonging to different age groups express their love for each other. History says Valentine's Day is associated with St.Valentine however there are very few records as to what the origin of this precious day could be.

No matter what the origins are, since the mid-fourteenth and fifteenth century, this date is celebrated to glorify love. Partners adoringly refer to each as other " Valentines" and often mark the day by exchanging gifts which stand as a symbol to mark that love.


What can be the best Valentine's Day gift?

On this special day, couples generally gift each other with a token of love that could symbolize the bond that they share with each other. Valentine's Day gifts for him could include a watch, a thoughtfully planned dinner date. It could even be a personalized piece of art to commemorate the love they share.

On the other hand, some really good Valentine's Day ideas for her could be a dress that would make her feel confident and fun about herself, a surprise dinner date or even a scrapbook made with love that holds all the special days of your relationship together.


Is perfume a good gift choice on Valentine's Day?

Irrespective of gender, one of the best Valentine's Day gifts for him and her could be a well-crafted perfume. You might ask yourself the question " Why a perfume and nothing else?". Well, the answer to this question lies to the fact perfumes are very personal and romantic gestures to portray love.

A Valentine's Day perfume would signify that you have put into a lot of thought behind the gift and that you genuinely look forward to the relationship. A good perfume not only lights up the mood but even twitches with chemical reactions in our brain. We often associate particular people with the perfume that they use for themselves.

A Valentine's Day perfume for him could not only be exhibiting masculine choice. It might also be playful, sensuous or even refreshing if you choose the right one. Most men like perfume and the right ones might make them feel more confident and poignant.

Women on the other hand are more experimental when it comes to scent and hence a good choice for Valentine's Day perfume for her could be something rustic or even handcrafted. This would instil in her that you have put in a lot of thoughts and have put in time and effort to search something perfect for you.


What could be some good options for perfumes?

Although there are thousands of brands in the market, only a few could actually make a difference. Remember that every time your valentine uses the fragrance on themselves, they are going to remember you. Therefore, it is very important that you give them just the right one which suits not only their taste but also their personality.

Some of the best Valentine's Day perfumes for her could be something from the Jean Paul Gaultier label like the Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Essence De Parfum Eau De Parfum Intense Spray for Women or even the Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Eau De Parfum Spray for women.

Women are known to have a love for toiletry and therefore even a good shower gel from this label like Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Bath and Shower Gel could make your girlfriend feel really confident in her skin. On the other hand, Valentine's Day perfume for him could be a Burberry Brit Splash Eau De Toilette Spray for Men or even the Mr Burberry Eau de Toilette Spray

Even Paco Rabanne is very famous when it comes to fragrance for men and their Million Eau De Toilette Spray is among the best few names in the world. When it comes to gifting a bottle of scent, even Giorgio Armani crafts some of the best fragrances for both men and women like the Giorgio Armani Because It's You for women and the Acqua Di Gio for men.


Does perfume have a relation with love?

It is very often believed that there is a strong connection between love and perfume or scents. Research suggests humans often associate the person that they love the most with their body scent. A strong bond is shared between smell and memory. Both love and smell are intuitive feelings and therefore the two are intertwined. 

Both men and women have different preferences for smell and are attracted by varied fragrances. Fragrances impact chemical changes in our brain, and as a result, it has a lasting impact on us.  There are some typical feel-good elements like oud, Rose, sandalwood which deserves special mention.  

The sense of smell is a strong one and hence has a strong relationship with stirring of romantic feelings. Even the natural scent of the body is quite an appealing factor and is known to play a major role in our selection of partners.

There is certain research-based evidence as well that claims that sexual relationships to a great extent are impacted by scents and there are certain particulars that do the trick! Therefore it is quite natural that on the day of love you gift your partner that has a strong connection with fragrance!

To make your task easier, here are a few handpicked selected fragrances to choose from to gift your companion on a special day! Have a look and grab one of them at the earliest. All these premium perfumes are available at Melhores within your budget.


  1. Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave Gift Set For Women

One of the best Valentine's perfumes that you can give your partner is Davidoff Cool Water Woman Wave Gift Set. It comes with a refreshing wet sensation that will give you a happy feeling.

The perfume consists of a perfect blend of the fresh notes of pineapple, bergamot, black currant, lotus, water lily, blackberry, raspberry, musk, peach, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, honey, jasmine and many other things.

This Valentine's Day perfume is all you need to give your lover. It is lightweight, good for all skin types and comes with a long-lasting fragrance.

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  1. Chopard Wish Gift Set

Another great choice as Valentine's perfume for her could be the Chopard wish gift set that consists of an oriental and vanilla fragrance. This is perfect for women who are sensual and never believe in giving up. The gift set comes with an Eau De Parfum of 30 ml and a shower gel that is good for all skin types.

The shower gel will help to retain the moisture of the body and has cleansing properties. It also consists of a perfect blend of honeysuckle, wild strawberries, coconut, gooseberries, amber, patchouli, caramel, sandalwood, honey and violet. 

Present this Valentine perfume for her and win her heart over again.

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  1. Nina Ricci Rose Extase Gift Set For Women

Roses express the love language so if you are looking for a Valentine's Day gift for her then this perfume is the best one as this gift set consists of everything you are looking for. The gift set comes with an Eau de toilette and a Body lotion from the Nina Ricci Rose Extase brand itself.

The perfume holds a woody and a floral fragrance and is totally perfect for a woman who is in love. The perfume holds the top notes of red berries, the middle notes of rose along with raspberry and the bottom notes of vanilla, musk and amber.

The body lotion has moisturizing properties that will rejuvenate your skin. This is undoubtedly one of the best Valentine's gifts for her.

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  1. Anna Sui Flight Of Fancy Gift Set For Women

If you are looking for a special romantic gift that matches with Valentines Day ideas for her, then this perfume is surely the best thing that you can give. This effervescent fragrance is perfect from outside as well as inside. It is the right choice for a woman who knows her worth and does not fear to explore the world around her.

The top notes of the scent hold the perfect blend of Yuzu, litchi and lemon. Whereas, the heart notes consist of magnolia, freesia and rose and the bottom notes have musk, white woods and amber.

Additionally, the bottle is very pretty that not only you but your partner will also fall in love with after receiving it.

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Valentine's Day is the day of love- a moment when all you want that your special someone feels loved and honoured. Perfumes are a personal yet very intimate gifting option. It is quite a good choice as science has time and again proved that there lies a very intricate relationship between perfume and attraction.

Also, any person would be thrilled to know that their partner has put so much thought into getting them the perfect token of love and every time they spray some of that perfume all they are going to do is reminisce about their lovely moments with you and how much you matter to them.


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