Bois 1920

Bois 1920 Aethereus Eau de Parfum Spray


Bois 1920 Aethereus Eau de Parfum Spray, opens your eyes to the adventure, hidden in an ancient city, blooming above others, locked for the feminine power. A cirty blooming of flowers, filled with natures goodness, fresh, succulent fruits and a cream hideaway spot where you rule based on your own terms. A floral, woody, musk fragrance with mimosa, coconut, lemon, orange, bergamot and bamboo top notes. Middle notes of ylang-ylang, rose, tuberose, geranium and bitter orange, ending in Peru balsam, cedar, vanilla and tonka bean base notes.

Fragrance Type: Floral, Woody, Musk

Longevity: Moderate

Top Notes: Mimosa, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Bergamot, Bamboo

Middle Notes: Ylang-Ylang, Rose, Tuberose, Geranium, Bitter Orange

Base Notes: Peru Balsam, Cedar, Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Brand: Bois 1920


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