Britney Spears

Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum Spray for Women


Charm to attract in Britney Spears Fantasy Eau de Parfum Spray. This sweet, romantic, fragrance is your sure love portion for a lasting love chemistry. Make every date count with its oriental, woody aura. Pick you dress to impress and a top it up with a dash of Red lynchee sweetness, a spicy, mildly apple fregarance of golden quince hot note.

Master your look with a heart note of sensual intoxicating essence of Jasmine petals, and a sweetness of fresh white chocolate orchid. Step out with a creamy musk, a powdery woody orris root and an earthly blend of sensual wood base note.

Fragrance Type: Oriental. Woody

Longevity: Moderate

Top Notes: Red Lychee, Golden Quince, Kiwi

Middle Notes: Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid

Base Notes: Musk, Orris Root, Sensual Woods

Brand: Britney Spears


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