Burberry Mr. Burberry Eau de Toilette Spray for Men


Hello London, explore the beauty, elegant Britain culture with Mr. Burberry, a collection by Burberry. The Eau de Toilette cologne enriched in rich ingredient of perfumery is contained in a transparent glass, embellished in a hand tied knot in a Black English-woven gabardine bowed around the neck. The aromatic –woody fragrance launched in 2016, contains a top note of Juicy grapefruit, a heart note of balsamic woody cedar wood and ends off in a Vetiver and smoky Guaiac wood base note.

Fragrance Type: Aromatic, Woody

Longevity: Moderate

Top Notes: Grapefruit

Middle Notes: Cedar wood

Base Notes: Vetiver and smoky Guaiac wood

Brand: Burberry


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