Cerruti 1881 Aftershave Lotion 100ml Splash


Treat your skin to a clean, fresh aftershave lotion by Cerruti. Cerruti 1881 Aftershave Lotion 100ml Splash. The aromatic fougere fragranced lotion is a perfect touch up for your skin and plus to you shaving kit. It dry down perfectly to your skin whilst leaving you moisturized. It not only gives you the soothing herbal, spicy fragrance, it also sanitizes your face from bacteria or infection caused by blades or razor to give you a smooth and toned aftershave effect.

If you are looking for the perfect aftershave lotion that not only leaves your face moisturized once the shaving is done but also rejuvenates it with a soothing fragrance that attracts people around you. This 100 ml Cerruti 1881 is pure bliss for every man as it sanitizes the face leaving no marks or traces of cuts and wounds by the razor. Thus, there's no chance of any bacterial infections at any point in time. Your face looks bright with fine touches of Cerruti 1881; you'll find a deep impact of an aromatic effect that stays every moment wherever you go. A product that is not available always, a priceless magical fragrance currently available at Melhor Creations, book it now!

Fragrance Type: Woody, Aromatic

Longevity: Long Lasting

Brand: Cerruti


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