Guy Laroche

Guy Laroche Drakkar Essence Deodorant Spray 170g

Cozy, comfortable and convenient, Guy Laroche Drakkar Essence Deodorant Spray is a clean, fresh spray with a light note of freshness to keep you revived, all day long. Top up your body care shelf with a soothing, blasting and invigorating scents that keeps you feeling refreshed, vibrant and bubbling with excitement. It has a top note of grapefruit and mint, leading to a middle note of lavender, sage and woody notes. A base of musk and Tonka bean, adds a balance to this fragrance

Fragrance Type: Aromatic, Woody

Longevity: Moderate

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Mint

Middle Notes: Lavender, Sage, Woody Notes

Base Notes: Musk, Tonka Bean

Brand: Guy Laroche


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