Karin Herzog

Karin Herzog 7 Creams of the Week Gift Set

Day after day, week after week, let the thought of you be encraved in the heart of your loved ones with a pack of 7 days wonders for a radiant glow all year long. Karin Herzog 7 Creams of the Week Gift Set 7 x 15ml Face Cream, makes a must have set to complete your morning revitalizing rituals. Start off with Monday (Rose) - soothing hydrating finish from the fresh, sweet rose. Rich in 1% Oxygen Tuesday (AHA cream) – replenish skins damages, peeling off work out skin surface and improving the skins natural tone. Wednesday (Vita-A-Kombi 1) – hydrating, anti-aging lotion. Rich in 1%Oxygen and Vitamin A Thursday (Additional Sweet) – Soothing formula for a clean and comfy skin Friday (Oxygen Face) – Cleansing lotion, rich in oxygen for keeping the skin hydrated a LL day long Saturday (Essential Mask) – keeps the face looking radiant, clean and hydrated, reduces stress looking skin Sunday (Vitamin H) – rich nourishing vitamin H properties. 7days more love..

Brand: Karin Herzog


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