LaRoc Cosmetics

LaRoc Cosmetics Pro Sculpt & Glow Palette 6g

A set of everything you need to make sure you shine and hold the stare at the event. LaRoc Pro Sculpt and Glow is a 6 piece set of bright and luscious hue. Contains 2 warming medium Highlighter, 2 eye popping Bronzer and 2 glittery light Blush to look lit all day long. Buttery pressed texture, light pack and smooth glide effect. Shades includes: Highlighter (Toasted Almond, Cashew Nut), Bronzer (Cabana, Posie) and Blush (Bobby-Dazzler, Sweetie Pie). Portable travel size pack.

Shade: 6Shade

Brand: LaRoc Cosmetics


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