Nailed London

Nailed London Gel Wear Nail Polish 10ml - Attention Seeker

Go for quality that gives you the glamorous refined look while helping you maintaining a polished and healthy look. Rosie Fortescue’s Nailed London

Is a long lasting, 3 step system that protect, coat and brightens your nail with its gel like lacquer nail polish. Comes in 28 different shades to meet your everyday fancy. Glossy nail polish for a radiant, elegant and professional look.

Usage: Comes in a three strep system, base coat, lacquer and top coat. Base coat: protects and serves as a binding layer for the lacquer which is illuminated by the glossy gel top polish. Apply evenly step by step for a long lasting glamorous look.

Shade: Attention Seeker

Longevity: Long lasting

Brand: Nailed London


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