Nailed London

Nailed London Gel Wear Nail Polish 10ml - Fifty Shades

Attract, create an emotional twist and walk on the path to the middle of the road with a style that neither follow rules, nor break them. Nailed London Gel Wear Nail Polish - Fifty Shades is a rich grey pigment for a cool soothing appeal. Nailed London Gel Wear Nail Polish by Rosie Fortescue, adds a pro manicure glossy top coat glide to your nails. Lasting coverage, smooth full matte finish, and flawless look without smearing, stains, fading, break or cracks. Formulated to strengthen the nails, add luminous bright and captivating color to match every emotion and every season, giving you a beautifying and trendy look. Apply in three step: Step 1: Apply the base coat. Step 2: Follow with 1-2 coats of the color. Step 3: Finish by applying the glossy top coat.

Shade: FiftyShade

Brand: Nailed London


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