Old Spice

Old Spice Old Spice Aftershave Splash


Old Spice Old Spice Aftershave Splash

Old Spice Old Spice Aftershave Splash is the fragrance that catches you unaware and give you the soothing touch you always wanted. This aftershave lotion is the cool and comfy sensation, your skin craves for with its aromatic mix of scent and its timeless and ever available flow of notes. it has a daring dash that keeps you going all day long even when you lay to rest. it has top notes of nutmeg, lemon, orange, anise and aldehydes. Key notes of carnation, jasmin, geranium, cinnamon heliotrope and pimiento. Base notes of ambergris, cedar, benzoin, musk and tonka bean

Fragrance Type: Aromatic

Top Notes: Nutmeg, Lemon, Orange, Anise, Aldehydes

Middle Notes: Carnation, Jasmin, Geranium, Cinnamon Heliotrope, Pimiento

Base Notes: Ambergris, Cedar, Benzoin, Musk And The Tonka Bean

Brand: Old Spice


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