Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau de Parfum Spray

Something like you have never seen before. A fragrance so unique, so intoxicating, so spicy and extraordinary. Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Eau de Parfum Spray is a fragrance for the ladies with notes for men. Be mesmerized by the scent of leather, warm and fresh spicy in an aromatic, woody fragrance. It starts off with a top note of grapefruit, black pepper and aromatic sage, through a middle note of Atlas cedar, patchouli, ginger lily and pistachios. It ends in a base note of olibanum, massoia wood, vetiver and musk.

Fragrance Type: Aromatic, Woody

Longevity: Moderate

Top Notes: Grapefruit, Black Pepper, Aromatic Sage

Middle Notes: Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, Ginger Lily, Pistachios

Base Notes: Olibanum, Massoia Wood, Vetiver, Musk

Brand: Sarah Jessica Parker


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